Sustainably Sourced Palm Oil 🌴

Sustainably Sourced Palm Oil 🌴

Full disclosure: we use palm oil in our signature wafels and brand new wafers. But since palm oil has recently become a controversial topic, we wanted to talk a little bit about where our palm oil comes from. At Rip Van, the quality of our products starts with having the best ingredients, and we have to do our part to ensure those ingredients are acquired safely and fairly. It’s as simple as that.

We only use palm oil from the Daabon Group, the first Rainforest Alliance certified producer.


What do you find palm oil in? The short answer is everything. The long answer is: bread, chips, soap, ice cream, shampoo, chocolate, cookies, and make up. The cultivation of palm oil has resulted in a number of controversies both involving the environment and the workers. Palm oil farming has been a cause of deforestation. Additionally, the farming of this vegetable oil has resulted in the displacement of local communities and violations of workers’ rights (specifically fair pay and safe working conditions).


So given this, sustainably sourced palm oil is really the only way to go. 

There are several benefits to sustainably sourced palm oil. It fulfills increasing global food demand, supports affordable food prices, supports poverty reduction, safeguards social interests, communities, workers, and protects the environment.

In order to be recognized as sustainably sourced, certain criteria have to be met: no primary forests, no areas with endangered species or fragile ecosystems, significantly reduced use of pesticides or fire, and fair treatment of workers.  

We are committed to only using sustainably sourced palm oil in our snacks. Our mission is simple: to improve people’s lives by creating better convenient snacks. And we can only feel good about what we’re doing if we know exactly where our ingredients are coming from.


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