Us vs Them: Famous Amos 💥

Us vs Them: Famous Amos 💥

It’s right there in the name: Famous Amos cookies are well… famous.

Wally Amos was a former talent agent for the William Morris Agency with a dream very different from his clients. He wanted to make the perfect chocolate chip cookie. Marvin Gaye and Helen Reddy loaned him the startup money to open his own store. What started at a California bakery in 1975 took off to be a wildly successful brand that is instantly recognizable wherever you go.


 Wally Amos is an advocate for literacy and hosted a show on PBS called Learn to Read. He is seen here reading to children in 2007.


Their new ‘Wonders of the World’ collection of cookies features three international flavors: Belgian Chocolate Chip, Philippine Coconut & White Chocolate Chip, and Mediterranean Hazelnut & Chocolate Chip. 

Let’s see how our wafels stack up against Famous Amos.


Our wafels have less calories, more fiber, and 6g less sugar! But here’s the thing: we don’t sacrifice taste when making healthier snacks for you and your family.


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