Partner Spotlight 🤝 Vitality Bowls

Partner Spotlight 🤝 Vitality Bowls

We interview our customers to understand how our wafels enhance groceries, cafes, and coffee shops. We also know that customers who carry our products share our same values: a passion for better, healthier, delicious foods. 


Rip Van: Hi Harold, can you tell us about Vitality Bowls, how did you get involved?

Harold from Vitality Bowls: I’ve always cared about healthy eating. I used to be a regional sales manager for a pharmaceutical company which required a lot of traveling. When I was traveling, it was hard to find places with foods that were both good for me while still tasting great. When I was transitioning from corporate life with the aim of staying local and spending more time with my family, I learned about Vitality Bowls through a franchise broker. As a superfood cafe, it stood out. I knew I wanted to get involved. Vitality Bowls is all about good quality ingredients with no added sugar in the fruits or yogurts. It’s pretty clean, but it tastes amazing. We do smoothies, paninis, fresh juices - it was all around something that fit my lifestyle and my wife’s lifestyle. 


Rip Van: Where is Vitality Bowls based? 

Harold from Vitality Bowls: We’re based in Central Florida, with two locations: Dr Phillips, a town within Orlando, and Ocoee, a suburb of Orlando.


Photo by Tommy Raptor


Rip Van: How would you describe the core Vitality Bowls customer?

Harold from Vitality Bowls:  It’s a variety of different people. From high schoolers to college students, working folks, in their 30’s to 50’s and 60’s, to our active customers looking to fuel up for yoga or biking or the gym.... We even have a kids menu for parents that are paying attention to what they’re feeding their kids in school or after school. What they all share though, is an appreciation for quality and clean ingredients. A lot of other places have added sugar. Our core customer knows that Vitality bowls are healthy and taste amazing with no processed ingredients.



Rip Van: What made you select Rip Van Wafels as a product to carry?

Harold from Vitality Bowls: We have a variety of grab and go items. I had an opportunity to sample a Rip Van Wafel and it was amazing. My kids loved it. It was low in sugar. It’s a treat, but I don’t consider it bad for you. It’s a good alternative to a lot of those super sweet cookies. It’s something I can feel good about having as a grab and go item for my customers to enjoy, as a dessert, or with a coffee. Something they can grab that’s on-brand with quality. The customers try it and enjoy it. A lot of my customers are looking at packaging and sugar content. It’s something they can grab and they know that it’s good for them.



Rip Van: Do you have a way that you prefer to eat Rip Van Wafels?

Harold from Vitality Bowls: When I grab it, I just grab it out of the packet and just eat it. I suggest it to customers when they’re having coffee or something like that, it’s a nice treat they can put on top of their coffee, let it get a little warm, and enjoy it. I usually just grab it and enjoy it.

Rip Van: Thank you Harold!

If you find yourself in Orlando, visit Vitality Bowls for a smoothie or a wafel. And tell Harold his friends at Rip Van say hello.


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