Rip Van Milkshake 🧇🥛

Rip Van Milkshake 🧇🥛

In the 1800s, the word “milkshake” wasn’t the family friendly drink we all know and love today. Back then it was a type of eggnog made with whisky, which added flavor. That meant it was definitely not child friendly! 

But these adults-only treats didn’t last too long. By the 1900s, it had become the tasty, mouthwatering drink that is world famous today. Syrup, ice cream, and milk all mixed together replaced the alcohol, making it safe for children to drink. 

Before the widespread availability of electric blenders, milkshakes were hand shaken! In 1911, Hamilton Beach invented the drink mixer, and it quickly became a staple at soda fountains. 


1936 photo of a "soda jerk" passing ice cream soda between two soda fountains. Photo by Alan Fisher.


In 1922 the milkshake took on its modern day form, all thanks to Steven Poplawkski’s nifty invention: the blender. The same year Steven created the blender, Walgreens employee Ivar “Pop” Coulson invented the first malted milkshake by adding vanilla ice cream to their usual malted milk drink. Walgreens shares, “Until then, malted milk drinks were made by mixing milk, chocolate syrup, and a spoonful of malt powder in a metal container, then pouring the mixture into a glass. On one especially hot summer day, Pop Coulson set off his revolution. To the basic mixture, he added a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream, then another.”

And there you have it - the traditional ice cream milkshake was born! 

On a related and vitally important note, the straw was invented and patented in 1937 by Joseph Friedman after he recognized the difficulty of drinking a milkshake straight from the glass. Soon the slurp became the milkshake’s trademark finale. 

But there’s no denying it: milkshakes aren’t good for our bodies. A small vanilla milkshake from McDonalds has 510 calories and 55g of sugar. In addition to being high in sugar, milkshakes can be bad for our blood vessels and red blood cells.


We at Rip Van wanted to create a recipe that would be good for your body and incorporate our signature wafels. With less sugar and calories, this delicious milkshake will be a hit for all ages at your next summer hangout! ☀️





1.5 cups unsweetened almond milk

Unsweetened ice cream (we recommend Nicks's Ice Cream)

Snickerdoodle Rip Van Wafel

Cinnamon (optional)



1) Crush your Rip Van Wafel into small bits
2) In a blender, combine 1.5 cups of almond milk, 3 scoops of ice cream, and wafel bits
3) Mix for three minutes 
4) Pour into glass
5) Sprinkle cinnamon on top
6) Enjoy!



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