Rip Van White Russian 🥛🍸

Rip Van White Russian 🥛🍸

Looking for a twist on a classic cocktail that will bring a touch of decadence to your next social gathering? We’re here to give you a low sugar plant based spin on the White Russian cocktail. Since the White Russian is all about decadence, pairing this drink with one of our signature wafels will give the sensation of indulgence without overloading your body with too much sugar.

A White Russian is the younger sibling of a Black Russian, a cocktail made with vodka and coffee liqueur that was first conceived in 1949. Perle Mesta, the U.S. ambassador to Luxembourg was visiting Brussels. She was known as being the life of the party, and was even the inspiration for Irving Berlin’s musical Call Me Madam. While having drinks at the Hotel Metropole, bartender Gustave Tops combined vodka and coffee liqueur to create this yummy drink for Ms. Mesta. 



It was a few years before someone had the novel idea of adding cream to a Black Russian, and basically making it an adult milkshake. The first official record of the White Russian came in 1961 with the publishing of The Diner’s Club Drink Book

The popularity of the White Russian was not long-lasting. Maybe it was the high sugar or changing perceptions of milk being a kids only beverage. Do we really want dairy in our alcoholic drinks? Hmm. But in 1998, Jeff Bridges starred at “The Dude” in The Big Lebwoski, and his character drank a record nine White Russians over the course of the movie, catapulting the drink to a level of popularity it had never experienced before. 



Over the years, bartenders across the globe have developed new variations of this drink: White Canadian (goat’s milk), White Mexican (horchata), White Cuban (rum), White Belgian (chocolate liqueur), Dirty Russian (chocolate milk), White Nun (brandy), and Dulce y Salado (sherry and peanut liqueur). 

We know a White Russian is yummy, but the consequences don’t make it a practical libation to consume regularly. Too much sugar and heavy cream. Let’s see what happens when we tweak the recipe to give it a low sugar plant based twist. As you can see, our plant-based White Russian compared to a classic White Russian made with Kahlua has far less sugar:



You Will Need

1 tbsp monkfruit sweetener

3 heaping tbsp instant coffee (or coffee concentrate)

2 cups unsweetened almond milk

1 tbsp vanilla 

1.5 oz vodka of choice


1) Combine almond milk and instant coffee (or coffee concentrate)
2) Chill for at least an hour
3) Add in sugar substitute and vanilla extract
4) In a separate cocktail glass, fill to the top with ice
5) Add your vodka
6) Add your mixture from steps 1-3
7) Stir vigorously
8) Enjoy! 



    But wait: there’s something missing here… this take on a White Russian would pair perfectly with our Rip Van Wafels. Why not try the Chocolate Brownie flavor? At Rip Van, we believe convenience can still be good for you, which is why we stand behind our low sugar, high fiber stroopwafels.


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