Back to school snacks 🎒🏫

Back to school snacks 🎒🏫

What if we told you we have a cure for the end of summer blues? Cookies. Yep. That’s right. Send your children to school with fresh notebooks, sharpened pencils, and cookies that have less sugar than a protein bar. Healthy snacks make for healthy brains, and our delicious stroopwafels are a healthy indulgence you can feel good about giving to your children. 


What are the benefits of eating healthy snacks at school?

Because of their growing bones and developing brains, children need more nutrients than adults. In fact it’s recommended that children have at least two nutritious snacks each day. And we’re not just talking during lunch time. 

It’s all about academics. Low sugar snacks have been proven to lead to better academic performance. And with only 3g of sugar, our cookies are helping you avoid that mid afternoon sugar crash. 

Healthy snacks have also been said to lower anxiety, boost mood, and lower emotional distress. 

But here’s the thing: if left to their own devices, children will almost always choose a sweet snack over fruit. That’s okay. At Rip Van, we’ve got you covered. 


Now the end of summer doesn’t seem so daunting. At Rip Van, we set out to invent better convenient snacks. In addition to the low sugar count, our wafels are also rich in fiber and support gut health. 

Skip the vending machine and try our delicious wafels instead. And with flavors like Chocolate Brownie and Cookies and Cream, kids won’t even realize they’re eating a low sugar snack that’s actually working for your body to help them achieve all the successes they deserve.

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