We are delighted to bring you our first product beyond stroopwafels next week!

After many product requests for a low sugar snack that is “chocolatey,” “low carb” & “vegan” we went to the drawing board. Exploring different options, we became particularly excited about the “sugar wafer”:  crispy wafers with a sugar cream filling.

Considering that the most popular brands, Keebler, Nature Valley & Little Debbie are all loaded with sugar and carbs, we took it upon ourselves to totally reinvent the wafer. With only 2g of sugar, 5g of fiber and 4 net carbs, you can see how we compare:

Our Rip Van Wafers requires a pretty sophisticated baking, blending & assembly process. They consist of 3 thin crispy wafer layers with two thick decedent layers of chocolate cream:

Without further adieu, we are excited to launch Rip Van WAFERS in two flavors on ripvan.com:


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