Rip Van vs Oreo  🥊

Rip Van vs Oreo 🥊

The Oreo needs no introduction. Since its inception in 1912, over 450 billion oreos have been produced -- four times more oreos have existed in history than human beings! Crunchy, creamy, sweet, and even addictive, Oreos have forever changed the course of cookie-history.

Nabisco Delivery Wagons, circa 1900


In 1889 several companies merged to create the National Biscuit Company, Nabisco. The company first rose to public-stardom selling Uneeda Biscuits, light, flaky lunch crackers. Within its lower Manhattan headquarters, addressed at a place we now call Chelsea Market, the company worked tirelessly to become the world’s largest bakery.

A vintage Hydrox ad from 1954


In 1908, another company debuted the Hydrox Cookie: two chocolate cookie disks with cream sandwiched between them. Four years later, in 1912, Nabisco debuted a similar cookie, the Oreo Biscuit. Despite the four year age gap between the Oreo Biscuit and the Hydrox Cookie, Oreo’s quickly surpassed their competitor in popularity. 

The National Biscuit Co. Building in New York City, where Oreos were first produced. Today, this building is Chelsea Market.

Though while the Nabisco’s recipe has changed little since they debuted their Oreo Biscuit in 1912, innovations in food science have allowed companies like Rip Van to create equally delicious, health conscious alternatives.



Let’s see how our Cookies & Cream flavored stroopwafel compares to the Oreo:


us-vs-them comparisonOreo cookies contain 160 calories per serving and 14g of sugar. Our healthier cookies & cream stroopwafel contains only 3g of sugar. Not only does our stroopwafel contain 11g less sugar, but also 5g more fiber.

At Rip Van Wafels, we set out to do one thing and one thing only: to improve people’s lives by inventing better, more convenient food. We want to challenge ourselves to push past the final frontier of food, to constantly change, and to find the next, best way to make incredibly tasty snacks. While plenty of brands claim to use the healthiest ingredients and the freshest sources, we’ve incorporated those values into the very core of our daily practices as a business.

Other big brands don’t care as much about reducing the high amounts of sugar and empty calories in their snacks as we do. We’re 100% committed to bringing you a better snack, one that’s low in sugar and uniquely amazing. From brewing the caramel to making the dough, we examine every single ingredient that goes into our stroopwafels during every stage of the creative process.

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