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Rip Van vs Tate’s 🥊

In the 1970s, Tate’s Bake Shop founder, Kathleen King, began selling her homemade cookies at a farmstand in Long Island. After college, King opened her own bakery, and her cookies later became available at local New York Supermarkets; In 2000, she founded Tate’s. Twenty years later, these cookies are available in 85% of supermarkets and recognized for their crunchy texture and buttery taste.

(Cover photo by Mike Mozart)


So, how do Tate’s cookies stack up against Rip Van Wafels, a tasty, low-sugar treat that’s designed to be good for your taste buds and your health? Let’s see how our wafel compares:

rip van wafel vs tates

Our stroopwafel contains 9g less sugar, and 20 fewer calories than a serving of Tate’s, giving you a healthier cookie alternative. At Rip Van Wafels, we set out to do one thing and one thing only: to improve people’s lives by inventing better, healthier, and more convenient snacks that are low in sugar and uniquely amazing.

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