Us vs Them: Annie’s Snacks 💥

Us vs Them: Annie’s Snacks 💥

Annie’s Snacks are a staple at any organic market. Whether it’s the purple boxes or bunny shapes, everyone recognizes Annie’s. The company prides itself on creating healthier food options that are also good for the planet. 

In 1989, Annie Withey started her own company, believing it was possible to have a business that was not only successful but also socially responsible to the world around her. 



She may have begun it all with boxed mac and cheese, but now her company offers soup, rice, cereal, snack bars, and cookies. Many of these products are gluten free and vegan. 

Annie’s snacks come in a variety of options; cookies, fruit snacks, granola bars. Let’s see how some options compare to our delicious stroopwafels. 



 With eight grams less sugar and more fiber, our wafels are the undisputed healthier option. 

At Rip Van, we want to improve people’s lives by creating a better, convenient snack all without sacrificing on taste. Try one of our wafels today!


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