US VS THEM: Loacker Hazelnut Wafers

US VS THEM: Loacker Hazelnut Wafers

Picture it: Italy, 1925. 

Alfons Loacker was a man with a dream: to buy the local bakery in Bolzano where he had worked since he was a little boy. It was in this very bakery that he invented his now famous Bolzano wafer. 

Over the next forty years, Alfons grew his small business with the help of his family. Innovations in technology like the first automated oven and “stay-fresh packaging” allowed the Loacker family to expand their business. By this time they offered many flavor variations including mocha, lemon, and nougat. 

In the 1970s, Loacker became popular in the Middle East, China, and Japan thanks in part to their wafers being available at airports and tourist destinations. 

The company returned to its roots in 2007 when they opened a chain of Loacker Cafes. These confectionery stores honor the dream and legacy of founder Alfons Loacker. 

Today Loacker has diversified to include tortina, patisserie, and chocolate bars. Their bite sized wafers are a staple wherever you do your grocery shopping. With flavors like tiramisu, hazelnut, raspberry-yoghurt, and cappuccino, the company has embraced the modern age while still honoring their family’s humble beginnings. 

Today we’re going to see how their hazelnut quadratini wafers stack up against our brand new wafers. 

With 5g less sugar, 13g less net calories, and 20 less calories, our wafers are the clear winners. But when it comes to being an adorable bite sized snack, we’ll call it a tie. 

 Our wafers are also keto-friendly and vegan. At Rip Van, we believe everyone should have access to delicious snacks regardless of their dietary restrictions. We’ve got you covered.

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