Us vs Them: RXBar 💥

Us vs Them: RXBar 💥

Frustrated with the state of protein bars in 2013, RXBAR was founded by two best friends with a singular purpose: to create a simple and nutritious protein bar. 

These best friends skipped the focus groups and investors, and started their business right in their kitchen.

They describe their protein bars as “like eating 3 egg whites, 2 dates, and 6 almonds.” And they’re perfectionists, in fact when it comes to making their product they would describe themselves as obsessive. For example RXBAR’s coconut chocolate bar has gone through over 250 iterations. 



These protein bars are gluten free and made with only clean ingredients. Designed for lovers of Cross Fit or people just wanting to incorporate a little wellness into their diet, these snacks offer something for everyone. Since launching their first protein bar, RXBAR has expanded to include nut butters, cereal, kid snacks, and oats. 

Let’s take a moment to compare their mixed berry protein bar to our signature stroopwafel:

At first glance it may seem silly to compare a protein bar to a cookie, but these numbers speak for themselves. With 12g less sugar, our yummy wafel cookies are the healthier option. 

The bottom line: sugar isn’t good for us. Overconsumption can lead to metabolic diseases and that’s where we come in. At Rip Van, we want to improve people’s lives by creating better convenient snacks. 

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