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The Best Family Snack

Delicious, nutritious and 80% less sugar than the conventional brands.


Most sweet snacks, although marketed as “healthy” are loaded with sugar. Too much sugar is not good and causes major sugar spikes and crashes, making it harder to focus and leaving you sluggish. With only 3g of sugar, RVW can help you avoid sugar spikes and still have a delicious, sweet treat.



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Delicious and Only 3g of Sugar

The Perfect Snack
for School

1000+ reviews | Average of 4.9 stars

5 star reviews

“You haven't had a stroopwafel until you've had a Rip Van Wafels.”

Ivy Padua

“Where have these been my whole life?! Amazing! They are perfect with a cup of coffee for an afternoon snack.”

Lacy Caulder

“This snack has become part of my daily routine. I start every morning with a cup of coffee and a waffle. It really just starts my day off on the right foot!”

Jerry Toy

“They're delicious, easy to keep in your bag, and just fun to eat! I love all the flavors.”

Ericka Dietz

“These waffles are so delicious that you might not be able to stop. They pair so well with a cup of coffee but are tasty enough to eat on their own!”

Nathan Baskette

“These things taste really good! Other waffles I tried were quite dry but these are chewy and moist and really tasty!”

Brooke Hagues

A Better Snack for Your busy life

A Better Snack for
Your Busy Life

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