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What is a Rip Van Wafel?

A Rip Van Wafel is a low sugar sandwich cookie. It is a healthier take on the stroopwafel; a traditional Dutch delicacy.

What makes Rip Van Wafels different from traditional stroopwafels, cookies & sweet snacks more broadly (eg granola bar, breakfast bar, madeleine etc)?

Both the leading cookie in the US and the traditional stroopwafel have ~14g of sugar/serving, are high in empty calories and low in fiber. A Rip Van Wafels rivals in taste but contains anywhere between 3-5g of sugar and 6g of fiber. This is significantly better than both the leading granola bar and breakfast bar brand in the US.

What is the best way to eat a Rip Van Wafel?

Most people love to have our product as is, savoring every deliciously chewy bite till they’ve devoured the whole wafel. That said our product can be enjoyed in a variety of different ways:

  • Paired with a Beverage - The baked and spice flavor notes in our product pair particularly well with a range of coffee & teas. They can be enjoyed in sequence, dunked or warmed over the rim of a hot beverage.
  • Topped - Rip Van Wafels can be enjoyed as a more substantial snack. Some of our favorite healthy toppings include: nut butter, icelandic yogurt or coconut yogurt. For indulgent toppings a chocolate or chocolate hazelnut paste is our favorite.
  • Dessert - Whether used as a graham cracker replacement for smores, you want to create an ice cream sandwich or crumble our wafels as a topping. Rip Van Wafels makes for a great desert component.;
What are your product lines?
  • Low Sugar Rip Van Wafels come in five delicious flavors: Dutch Caramel & Vanilla, Snickerdoodle, Honey & Oats, Cookies & Cream and Chocolate Brownie. We also offer gluten free versions of our top sellers, Dutch Caramel & Vanilla and Snickerdoodle.
  • Low Sugar Rip Van Wafers: These crunchy treats have less sugar, more fiber, and fewer calories, than the leading wafers so you can snack well while living your best life. We have lots great flavors to choose from -- Chocolate Hazelnut, Dark Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry.
  • Low Sugar Leos; a classic sandwich cookie re-imagined. A delicious smooth creme sandwiches between two crispy cookies. Available in two different flavors, Cookies & Cream and Golden Vanilla.
  • Low Sugar Fruitiful fruit filled bars packed with strawberries are a delicious way to start your day!
Where do you make Rip Van Products?

We design all of our products in our food lab in our New York-based headquarters. We produce our wafels and wafers in both our Canadian bakery and Dutch facilities. Our Leos are produced in Spain and our Fruitiful are made in The Netherlands.


How does Rip Van Products have such low sugar levels but tastes sweet?

This is due to a combination of the low sugar levels in our proprietary formula with the boosted sweetness from our use of monk fruit.

How are Rip Van Products so high in prebiotic fiber?

We use chicory root fiber, sugar beet fiber, and soluble corn fiber in our products to provide the added boost of prebiotic fiber.

What is prebiotic?

Prebiotics are carbs that cannot be digested by the body. They facilitate the growth of healthy gut bacteria.

How clean are Rip Van Products?

At Rip Van, we decide to only use ingredients derived from real food. This means that we avoid artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, sugar alcohols, artificial colors and high fructose corn syrup.

Does Rip Van use GMO ingredients?

No! We strongly believe we should use the best, most natural ingredients possible. That’s why all of our products are certified by the NON-GMO Project as being 100% free of genetically modified ingredients.

Is there Soy in Rip Van Products?

Yes, our gluten free wafels contain soy.

Are the eggs in your products from free-range chickens?

Yes! We only use eggs from free-range chickens.

Do you use organic honey?



Are Rip Van products made on Nut-Free lines?

Our wafels are made on a nut-free line but we cannot guarantee that the individual ingredients of our wafels are manufactured in nut-free facilities.

Are Rip Van Products Keto Friendly?

Many of our customers enjoy our products as part of their keto diet. You can find the net carb content of each of our products on their sale page to see if they are the right snack for your keto diet!

Are Rip Van Products gluten free?

We currently offer Gluten Free Rip Van Wafels in two flavors. You can buy those here.

Are Rip Van Products vegan?

Currently, our Rip Van Wafels are vegetarian-friendly, but not fully vegan. Our Rip Van Wafers and LEOS are made with completely vegan ingredients.


Where can I buy Rip Van Products?

You can buy them on this site! If you prefer to buy them in a retail store visit our “Where to Find Us” page.

How do I buy Wholesale?

Visit our “Become a Retailer Page”

Where do you ship?

We will only ship in the continental US

What is your shipping and return policy?

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