We asked: Why are so many sweet snacks loaded with sugar? To solve this problem, we reimagined the classic sandwich cookie to be a better snack: with just 1/5th the sugar of the leading sandwich cookie, and 100 calories!

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  • Low Sugar

    Too much sugar isn’t good for us! It can lead to sugar spikes and, in the long run, overconsumption can contribute to metabolic disease.

  • Prebiotic

    Prebiotic fiber feeds your gut’s good bacteria, which helps with digestion and general good health.

  • Low Glycemic

    Snacks that are low glycemic allow you to maintain a consistent blood glucose level as part of a healthy & balanced diet.

  • High Fiber

    Most Americans don't eat enough fiber. Our snacks are rich in fiber and help you get to your daily fiber target.

Nutrition Info

1 Serving Contains

Nutrition Info
wafel ingredients

1 Serving Contains

Nutrition Info
wafel ingredients big

How Do We Stack Up?

  • - Sandy O.

    These are sent from heaven! So happy to have found these.

  • - Cecelia C.

    This snack is soooo good! Definitely buying some more.

  • - Joanie M.

    Oh my stars! I love them! Gonna keep them in my pantry!

  • - Colleen M.

    I have been looking for a good snack to give my kids for months and I finally found it.

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