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1,000+ reviews | 4.9 Stars

It's Time for a Better Snack

72% less sugar than the leading breakfast biscuit

We use simple and clean
non genetically modified ingredients.


Our Delicious
Summer Flavor

Tastes like freshly picked lemons

We use simple and clean
non genetically modified ingredients.

As Featured In

  • “The Under 30s Deal With Starbucks”

    Forbes Press Rip Van
  • “Reinventing snacking, one waffle at a time”

    CBS Press Rip Van
  • “Dorm to Table: College Start-Ups Take Aim at Food"

    New York Times Press Rip Van
  • “Bringing Euro-Inspired snack to the masses”

    Tech Crunch Press Rip Van
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Low sugar

Low Sugar

Too much sugar isn’t good for us! It can lead to sugar spikes and, in the long run, overconsumption can contribute to metabolic diseases.

Low sugar


Prebiotic fiber feeds your gut’s good bacteria, which helps with digestion and general good health.

Low sugar

Low Glycemic

Rip Van’s low glycemic index means it can be a daily part of maintaining consistent blood glucose levels, as part of a healthy, balanced diet.

Low sugar

High Fiber

Most Americans need more fiber! Rip Van is a delicious way to get 6g of the USDA recommended daily allowance of 30g of fiber.

An Award-Winning Company

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Energy Without the Sugar Crash


Chicory Root Fiber

Our product is high in prebiotic fiber derived from the root of the chicory plant. Many studies have show that prebiotic fibers help improve digestive and overall gut health.

Monk Fruit Extract

We use premium 0 calorie sweetener that comes from monk fruit, a small fruit found in SouthEast Asia.

Premium Spices

Our exclusive blend of real spices include vanilla, organic cinnamon, and chamomile, giving our products a nuanced and distinctive flavor.

Non-GMO Ingredients

We only use simple, clean, non-genetically modified ingredients.

Chicory Root Fiber

Monk Fruit Extract

Premium Spices

1,000+ reviews | 4.9 stars

  • These are sent from heaven! So happy to have found these.

    - Sandy O.

  • This snack is soooo good! Definitely buying some more.

    - Cecelia C.

  • Oh my stars! I love them! Gonna keep them in my pantry!

    - Joanie M.

  • I have been looking for a good snack to give my kids for months and I finally found it.

    - Colleen M.

A note from Rip & Marco

When we created Rip Van Wafels out of our dorm room in 2012, we were tired of eating the same old snacks and frustrated that the big cookie brands were doing nothing to reduce the high sugar and empty calories in their products. We set out to create a better cookie; one thatʼs lower in sugar, and uniquely delicious - a healthier take on the Dutch stroopwafel.

We are a Minority-Owned Business

We are a Hispanic & Asian owned business, certified by the NMSDC, New York chapter and by the CAMSC in Canada.

NMSDC certified CAMSC certified

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